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Standard is based off the industry standard, where the nose is slightly longer than the tail.

Twin has an identical nose and tail.

By “high-performance” we mean an overall better, more consistent, skating experience – landing more tricks and higher Ollies.

Our decks are designed and engineered with performance in mind, and we will continuously improve and make updates.

It’s impossible to say, but according to many customers it lasts them an average of 10 times longer. Some of these skaters would snap traditional maple boards daily, other skaters change boards after a few large chips and a hard bash to the tip, and yet others change decks when they feel a bit “soft” or “soggy.” What makes your board ready for retirement may be entirely different from others.

It is possible to chip any exposed wooden areas. For example the sides of the Nex can still chip. However the nose and tail is almost impossible to chip, even after it becomes razor tailed. However the green polymer, may become dented after a very heavy impact, or get sliced from a very sharp object. This is extremely rare, and we have never seen it negatively affect performance of the deck. The green polymer is insanely tough compared to maple.

They are much, much stronger but they can still break. If you push it really hard it usually doesn’t break all at once. It slowly begins to crack and the deck becomes more flexible with time. Skate it like a normal board and it should out last any other deck.

They handle abrasion much better than a traditional maple deck, but still razor-tail. During our testing, our decks resist razor tail 20 times better. However, some skaters that ride very rough ground report it resisting closer to 10 times better. They will usually seem to wear at a normal rate, but eventually slow – whereas a traditional maple deck will seems to gradually wear faster as the wood fibers, especially the cross-grains, degrade rapidly with abuse.


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