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What do you mean by "high-performance" skateboards?

By “high-performance” we mean an overall better, more consistent, skating experience – landing more tricks and higher Ollies.

Our decks are designed and engineered with performance in mind, and we will continuously improve and make updates.

How much longer will a Slate 2 deck last me?

It’s impossible to say, but in our tests with amateur and professional skaters they averaged around 8 times longer. Some of these skaters would snap traditional maple boards daily, other skaters change boards after a few large chips and a hard bash to the tip, and yet others change decks when they feel a bit “soft” or “soggy.” What makes your board ready for retirement may be entirely different from others.

If you retire your deck from razor-tail, or bashed-in/chipped-up tips, you can expect our decks to last you 4, 8, or more times as long. If your deck ends it’s life with a snap, you can expect our decks to last many times longer than that.

Do your decks chip?

No – but multiple very, very hard impacts to the same location can deform the tips. Treat it like a normal deck, and it’ll outlast any deck you’ve previously owned.

Do your decks snap?

Technically, yes, but they’re virtually impossible to snap while skating. During our testing, no one snapped our decks while skating. Treat it like a normal deck, and it’ll outlast any deck you’ve previously owned.

Do your decks "razor-tail?"

They handle abrasion much better than a traditional maple deck, but still razor-tail. During our testing, our decks resist razor tail 10 times better. They will usually seem to wear at a normal rate, but eventually slow – whereas a traditional maple deck will seems to gradually wear faster as the wood fibers, especially the cross-grains, degrade rapidly with abuse.

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