Origins of Lithe

Lithe is founded by brothers Mark and Greg Rosolowski. They grew up in Reseda, CA , a suburb in Los Angeles county. They both started skating in 1997. After about 2 years of skating street, they started park and vert skateboarding at Skatelab in Simi Valley, CA and spent most of their free time skating the park.
Mark and Greg have always had the DIY mentality. With their father being an engineer, they were taught that you can build almost anything you could dream up if you were dedicated enough.

Greg Rosolowski

In Spring 2010, Greg had a growth spurt and could not find a board that fit his height and shoe size so he set out to make his own. Researching the internet, he found ways to make high quality decks at home. The first 7 ply ended up being a bit heavy due to the larger size, so he decided to try carbon fiber. The board had such incredible performance benefits that it started an obsession to build the perfect skateboard. Something that was lighter, performed better, and was more durable.

Mark Rosolowski

After getting their first family computer in the mid 90’s, Mark got addicted to their fathers engineering software. He became proficient and even started learning how to program and design video games before he was even a teenager. For as long as he could remember Mark always wanted to start a business.  From the dream of owning a video game studio, to even reinventing manufacturing equipment with his father. With his drive and love for skateboarding he decided Lithe was the business he wanted to build.

lithe (adjective) / līT͟H /

  • When referring to an object: thin and attractive, and able to move easily and gracefully
  • or when referring to movements: easy and graceful.

In the late 90’s Mark wanted to create a video game. He approached Greg with the idea and asked if he was interested in creating the main character. Greg at the time was strongly into art, drawing and character design. Working together they created a character that was a cat, slightly inspired off Sonic the Hedgehog and Sly Cooper, and was going to be fast and agile. All they needed was a name. After searching synonyms for agility, they came across the word “Lithe.”

The project was never completed, but the name lived on. Greg later found passion in music production and used the name for his project “Lithe Compositions.” When he started building skateboards, the name and now famous logo naturally found its way onto the boards.

Now the world’s highest performance skate brand, the spirit of video game culture and even the cat lives on in the brand.