Our Slate deck is mostly constructed from the same Maple that is used in most skateboards. Carbon fiber inlays are added to reduce weight, improve strength, and maintain resilience through the life of the deck. Ultra-high-strength Hybrid-Polymer™ tip-fills are added to prevent chipping and delamination, and reduce razor tail. This material also has a high rebound which adds significant pop. This unique construction allows this board to last an average of 6X longer than a standard maple board.

Hybrid-Polymer™ Tip-Fills

Our Hybrid-Polymer tip-fill is the main feature that sets our boards apart from the rest. It has pop that’s more responsive and crisp than a fresh maple deck – and it’ll stay that way through its life. Its virtually impossible to “chip” and has significant “razor-tail” resistance.

Carbon Fiber Inlays

Another key feature of our Slate technology is the use of carbon fiber inlays. By using carbon fiber we are able to reduce the weight and thickness of the deck, while increasing the resilience and strength. Carbon fiber has earned its place as a household term, but every material has its strengths and weaknesses. The carbon fiber is thoughtfully inlaid to protect against fraying – maintaining its structural integrity.