and durability.

Lasts an average of 8× longer than a traditional maple deck with better pop that doesn’t fade.

Only $119.00 USD

Toughest tips
so you keep that pop.

Traditional maple skateboards commonly chip, razor-tail, and get a soggy feel over time. This is what destroys your pop.

Nex features one of toughest polymers ever created. It’s up to 20× more razor-tail resistant, and virtually impossible to chip and delaminate from skating.

But how does it pop?

Side by side lab tests have shown double the energy return of maple. The pop is at another level.

Triaxial Fiberglass.

Light-weight and super tough. It makes the Nex one of the strongest decks ever while also having a supportive and well-balanced flex.





Inset to protect your skin.

Most other composite decks on the market share the same problem: the fiberglass or carbon fiber continues to the very edge of the board. The slightest amount of abuse on these boards will create very nasty splinters.

Nex features our patented inset construction – this means the fiberglass layers are kept away from the edge of the deck, leaving an outside rim with no exposed fiberglass. This is designed with the sole purpose of keeping your skin splinter free.

0.250" / 0.312"

0.250" / 0.312"

5-ply Canadian Maple.

The traditional wood used in the majority of high-quality skateboards. While Nex utilizes the technology and engineering benefits we pioneered, the main heart is still a traditional skateboard deck.

Maple bottom.

The Canadian Maple bottom is infused with epoxy resin. This makes the maple harder and tougher, and gives a slightly more consistent feeling slide than traditional maple decks.