Production Status

Where is my board?!

Last updated 5/15/2021.

As soon as more information becomes available, we will update this page. Check back soon!


The halt in production has caused preorders to build up. The more pre-orders we get, the more emails we receive. We have a small team, and to get your boards as soon as possible we can only dedicate so much time to our emails at this point in time.

To help reduce the emails to a more manageable level, please first check this page for updates, it is updated with the latest info. If you need changes to your order please keep your message very short and try to keep the number of requests you have to a minimum.

Nex Decks

NEX orders are all caught up and in stock! :)

Slate 3 Decks

Slate 3 decks are finally in production! The production should be completed in June. They still need to ship to our shipping center by Sea, and we will likely receive them and ship them to you in July.

Multi-board orders

If you have a NEX and Slate 3 in one order, the NEX will ship right away and the Slate 3 will ship when available.

Is it worth the wait?


Not only does Slate 3 and Nex out perform every other board on the market, they out perform every other board we created.

Our riders love them!

What happened?

The materials used in our boards are globally sourced (USA, Europe, and China). COVID-19 (aka the Coof) has disrupted the entire supply chain of materials. This slowed the production prototypes by several weeks – and these are extremely important; they are our last chance to make sure we have made a board you’ll love. But that’s not the entire story. After the initial shutdowns it has been extremely difficult for our manufacture to recover it’s employees. What’s more is that our manufacture has much bigger clients that it does not want to loose – we suspect they got priority.

What we are doing.

We have been keeping pressure on our manufacture. It is very important to us to get these boards to you as soon as possible – and it’s not exactly a good feeling upsetting a customer.

Finding a new manufacture does not make sense. These boards are very complicated to build – boards will arrive soonest with our chosen route.

However, we have not been idly waiting for boards to arrive, only to continue business as usual. It has become very apparent, especially with the events of 2020, that we cannot rely on outsourced manufacturing. We have already begun to setup USA manufacturing to ensure we will not have a similar situation in the future.