Production Status

Where is my board?!

As soon as more information becomes available, we will update this page. Check back soon!


The halt in production has caused preorders to build up. The more pre-orders we get, the more emails we receive. We have a small team, and to get your boards as soon as possible we can only dedicate so much time to our emails at this point in time.

To help reduce the emails to a more manageable level, please first check this page for updates, it is updated with the latest info. If you need changes to your order please keep your message very short and try to keep the number of requests you have to a minimum.

Slate 3 Deck

Last updated 8/15/2021.

Slate 3 decks were set to be delivered July. Unfortunately our factory has given us more delays. Good news is we are seeing videos and pictures of production progress that the factory is sending us multiple days a week. It is happening, but it is going a bit slower than expected. Below is the exact quote they gave us:

“Sorry for the uncertainty date and later than our pervious estimation. The COVID situation suddenly comes very bad in China, we have to arrange our worker to take vaccine in batches, it really slow down our production capacity!”

We wish we could a more solid estimate on delivery. As soon as we find out more info we’ll update it here.

Update on USA production


As many of you know, from the wake of COVID and these delays made us realize we can no longer completely rely on outsourced manufacturing. “What is outsourced manufacturing?” you might ask. It is a separate company that mass produces products with your design. For example, Apple does not make iPhone, they are manufactured by Foxconn.

As with the original Slate, we are now going to be making our own products in California once again. To be clear this does not mean our production in China is stopping, Slate 3 is still in production there as well.

Material and equipment is already being purchased for our USA production. If everything goes smooth, its possible production can begin within 2 months.

Thank you from all of us at Lithe!

Most of you guys have been so patient even with all the delays, we’re extremely grateful with all the support we got through the pandemic. And even for the few that get frustrated, understand we are on the same boat as you. These massive delays are not easy on us, especially when we have no control over it. This is exactly why we want to produce products ourselves again.


-Greg & Mark Rosolowski