Production Status

Where is my board?!

USA production is almost ready!

Last updated 12/21/21

After constant delays from the 3rd party manufacture located in China, we have realized that its time to put all our focus on our USA production. The Chinese production is still going, but the delays are nonstop. As of now we have purchased all materials and equipment for our own production. We are only waiting for a few materials to arrive, as well as finishing up some of the custom tooling.

The last of the materials are set to arrive end of January; this is when our USA production will begin. USA production board batches will go out on a weekly basis. Each board will be produced by the date it was ordered.

Emails & Customer Service

We apologize for the delays in email and social media responses. All of your inquiries are still in place and we will catch up on every email regarding changes to your order.

Remember, for order changes this must happen through email. if you reached out on social media and you have not received a response, please email us by responding to your order email receipt or using our websites contact forum.

Thank you from all of us at Lithe!

Most of you guys have been so patient even with all the delays, we’re extremely grateful with all the support we got through the pandemic restrictions. And even for the few that get frustrated, understand we are on the same boat as you. These massive delays are not easy on us, especially when we have no control over it. This is exactly why we want to produce products ourselves again.


-Greg & Mark Rosolowski