Slate 2

A new era of skateboarding has arrived.

A new era of skateboarding has arrived.


Get the most out of your skating.

Whether you constantly break and replace decks, or you want more performance to push your limits, Slate 2 is for you.

It lasts an average of 8x longer, or more, and maintains higher pop, strength, and consistent response through its life. 1


A precisely engineered shape.

All Slate 2 decks are individually pressed with a precisely engineered mold and feel exactly the same between iterations of the same model.

The mold features a unique progressive geometry that deep and mellow concave riders can easily adapt to.

Designed and tested with the opinions of many known pros, it’s arguably the most adaptable and versatile mold shape in the industry. 2


Widths: 7.50 – 8.50

Wheelbase: 14.38

Overall length: 32.00

Nose length: 7.25

Tail length: 6.75


Widths: 8.25 – 9.00

Wheelbase: 14.75

Overall length: 32.63

Nose length: 7.13

Tail length: 7.13

All graphics are available on all models and widths. 3



A high-strength carbon fiber structure that adds pop and keeps the deck strong and responsive.

Made from carbon fiber and a blend of unique composites, Fokus is the strongest and toughest material for a skateboard.

It gives the Slate 2 perfect flex and support when you need it.

Fokus is extremely responsive, giving incredible pop and rebound characteristics. 4

A composite board without the composite splinters.

Using composites, such as fiberglass and carbon fiber, is nothing new to skateboards – but they tend to lose popularity as riders get annoyed with the dangerous and irritating composite splinters that are an inevitability with riding one.

However, Lithe Skateboards uses a patent pending inlay construction. This keeps the boards strong, but also eliminates sharp dangerous fraying that all other composites boards get. 5



A unique polymer that never chips, is highly razor-tail resistant, and never loses pop.

Eternal Pop is the skateboard industry’s only solution to one of its biggest issues. It is 20 times more razor-tail resistant than almost every deck, and protects the inner laminates and woods from typical abuse and devastating impacts – completely eliminating chips and delaminations.

Its toughness is completely unmatched. 6



An engineered matrix of lightweight woods for a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Inerlite is a blend of sustainable lightweight woods on the inside, and hard Canadian Maple on the outside. It’s designed to be as light and tough as possible.

Canadian Maple has become so widely used in skateboard construction it’s becoming unsustainable. Slate 2 decks use only two plys of Maple and are estimated to last 8x longer. Factoring in the lifespan, Slate 2 decks only use 3.6% of the amount of Maple as traditional skateboards do. 7



Designed for a smoothermore consistent slide. You’ll have less hang-ups and less slip-outs.

Not only designed to slide fast, it’s designed to make sliding easier and more consistent.

With a specialized fusion printing process, the graphics are embedded deep into the surface.  The graphic will last repeated abuse until they begin to wear.

With premium quality inks and state-of-the-art printers, Glyd gives the Slate 2 the brightest, richest and most detailed graphics. 8

  1. Based on the professional opinions of skaters when comparing the lifespan of a typical 7-ply maple deck to when they feel they would like to replace their Slate 2 deck. Some skaters have reported it lasted 14 times as long as an average 7-ply maple board.
  2. The mold shape is based off the rough geometry of a current top-competing professional skater (whom does not represent Lithe – so we cannot mention their name), and the input of several other professional skaters. We have received very positive feedback from riders regarding the board’s shape.
  3. All values are in inches with 1/8 inch increments between widths. Some graphics with a model and width variation may not be in-stock. Widths and lengths can vary slightly as the finishing work is done by hand.
  4. Fokus is not 100% carbon fiber. We found that a pure carbon fiber laminate was not the strongest construction for our boards. Instead we use a combination of composite materials that we found to be most beneficial to the performance of the board.
  5. After prolonged riding, composite fraying may begin, but by this point we consider the board to be beyond its normal lifespan and should be replaced.
  6. The material itself does not degrade with use and time, as wood does. Instead, after prolonged use, the material becomes thinner (i.e. “razer-tail”) and as a result may make you think it feels “softer,” but by this point we consider the board to be beyond its normal lifespan and should be replaced. Lab tests done in-house; samples taken directly from new skateboard decks; 50-grit sandpaper running at 7.5 mph; samples held at 19.5° angle.
  7. Typical boards use 7 plys of maple, while our boards use only 2 plys and typically last 8+ times longer; [(2/7)/8] = ~3.6%.
  8. Images are fused with the plastic bottom. The images will only fade after wearing through a significant amount of the material.
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