Slate 3

Ultimate performance
and durability.

Slate 3 is our most advanced and highest performing deck ever.

It uses the strongest and most durable construction we’ve ever created and lasts an average of 10× longer.

Made in USA

Backorder for $209 USD

Toughest tips
so you keep that pop.

Traditional maple skateboards commonly chip, razor-tail, and get a soggy feel over time. This is what destroys your pop.

Slate 3 features one of toughest polymers ever created. It’s up to 20× more razor-tail resistant, and virtually impossible to chip and delaminate from skating.

But how does it pop?

Side by side lab tests have shown double the energy return of maple. The pop is at another level.

No chips. Anywhere.

Other skateboards chip and delaminate everywhere around the deck. That’s why the Slate 3 features a full wrapped rim of this incredible material.

Carbon fiber
for strength and spring.

The lightest and toughest carbon we’ve ever developed. The flex is overall stiff and supportive and slightly springier in key locations to increase pop and response.





Inset to protect your skin.

Most other composite decks on the market share the same problem: the fiberglass or carbon fiber continues to the very edge of the board. The slightest amount of abuse on these boards will create very nasty splinters.

Slate 3 features our patented inset construction – this means the carbon fiber layers are kept away from the edge of the deck, leaving an outside rim with no exposed carbon fiber. This is designed with the sole purpose of keeping your skin splinter free.

0.250" / 0.312"

0.250" / 0.312"

where you want it.
where you need it.

The core features a unique engineered matrix of multiple types of woods.

Woods which are much stronger than Maple are placed in high-stress areas. Super lightweight woods are placed in low-stress areas. This balance creates the highest strength-to-weight ratio core we’ve ever produced.

A smooth, creamy slide
for less hang-ups
and less slip-outs.

Premiering our second generation of Glyd graphics with improved wear resistance. The graphics are printed behind the film so they virtually never get scraped off from slides.